Caught A Ghost – “Sleeping At Night”

Jesse Nolan, the bands founder and leader, on the “Sleeping at Night” video:

“The ‘Sleeping at Night’ video, is, like everything I seem to do, a love letter to Los Angeles. Truthfully, there are so many faces to Los Angeles, so many split personalities, that you never run out of people to fall in love with. It necessitates documentation.

“Some of the people in the video I just ran into on the street in the fashion district downtown. Others I’ve known for years, a few for my whole life. Russ Tamblyn, who holds the rather legendary status of having played Riff in the original film Westside Story, has been a family friend since I can remember. My Great Aunt Carol, who has an amazing fashion sense, I’ve also known since birth. 

“When I had the thought to make a humanist video for this song, I naturally cycled through all the people in my life who I think are incredible in some way, to mine their strong personalities to tell my story. Performance artist Nicole Disson makes an appearance, as well as my friend Carl, an elderly gentleman who always comes to see my dad’s band play dressed to the nines. 

“The lyrics of the song were not necessarily inspired by the struggle of the every man. In fact, some lines were inspired by frustration at dear friends who couldn’t get their shit together. But the overall spirit of the song is one that’s optimistic. It’s about wanting to see people do their best.”


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